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Working directly with our software engineering arm Blitzm, we handled the user experience and user interface design of the Views Mobility app for Visionstream.

Visionstream is a construction engineering company and part of what they do is project manage thousands of workers and sub contractors working on various infrastructure projects around Australia.

A major hold up in getting works finished on time is time taken for photo approvals between workers, site managers and Vision Stream quality control checkers.

We kicked off with a User Experience workshop with Blitzm and various representatives of Visionstream to understand who’s using the app, what environmental factors come into play, pain points and what the overall goal is.

From there we created wireframes, which we reiterated as needed and created designs.

The project has been incredibly successful and has kicked off further work with Visionstream.

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  • Views app on three mobile phones
  • mans hand hold phone with views app

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