Hudson Institute 2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Hudson Institute’s annual report, builds upon the strong brand we have been evolving in the last couple of years. This year Hudson wanted to focus on four areas of research:

  • Cancer
  • Reproductive health and pregnancy
  • Infant and child health
  • Inflammation

Understanding these were the key messages Hudson Institute wished to express, we looked at how we could incorporate more graphics to represent the four research areas.

Using the circles and connector shapes from the existing logo, we looked at the most basic way to express the research areas.

  • Cancer: Two cells splitting
  • Inflammation: Swelling and spreading
  • Reproductive Health: Uterus
  • Children’s Health: Playful use of the pattern

The new research shapes are used through-out the report to define each section of the report and promote each focus area of research.

You can read more about the Hudson’s brand evolution here.


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